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Bernie won popular vote in Iowa and New Hampshire. No candidate, Republican or Democrat, has ever had a victory in the first two states and not gone on to win the nomination. Washington Post not only neglects to credit him the wins (noting his "performance" not his victories), but also goes on to paint them as signifying bad things for the campaign.2/15/20Washington PostBlackout, Minimize, Omit FactsNIowa and New Hampshire
DeBlasio endorses Sanders Bernie earns big endorsement from New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, The Hill tweets out the headline "De Blasio endorses 2020 Democrat." Who did he endorse, one is left to guess. 02/15/2020The HillBlackout, Erasure DeBlasio
Warren highlighted after non-viableBernie WINS New Hampshire. Rueters covers it with tweets highlighting 2nd and 3rd place, without acknowledging 1st, and also adds a tweet with picture highlighting Warren, who won precisely ZERO delegates.02/11/2020RuetersBlackout, Framing, Erasure, Omit Facts
MSNBC continues promoting Mayor Pete morning of the debate, but when talk turns to Bernie, mic is cut. Technical difficulties can happen, but this is one of many examples where it is conveniently as something good is being said about Bernie.02/07/2020MSNBCBlackout, ErasureNIowa Caucus; Debate
Politico ran a smear article suggesting Bernie would try to "game" the Iowa caucus results by declaring victory early (slamming him for a hypothetical based on no evidence). They subsequently ran a story themselves allowing Buttigieg to claim victory before all results in, with zero negative framing at all.2/2/20PoliticoNIowa Caucus
DMR not releasedUsed spiked poll time to smear SandersThe Des Moines Register poll canceled first time in 76 years, due to one complaint from a Buttigieg supporters. Later leaks is showed Bernie with increased lead over the field, thus would have provided a boost going into the Iowa caucuses. There was an hour set aside for a live reveal & the cancelation decision was made as that show started. Instead of reporting the good Bernie poll results, CNN ran smear story about Sander's campaign surrogate.2/1/20CNNFramingNDMR Iowa PollDMR Iowa Poll
CBS releases this graphic, listing Buttigieg twice and leaving Bernie off completely. This comes after delaying the Iowa caucus results release for almost 24 hours, Iowa Democratic Party releases only 62% of precincts (showing Bernie ahead in popular vote, but Buttigieg ahead in delates). This is part of what appears an attempt to deny Bernie momentum of a win or tie in the state.2/4/20CBSPolls, Blackout, Graphic manipulation, ErasureYIowa caucus
Sanders commanding lead IowaBernie has commanding 7 point lead in the new New York Times, Siena Poll (outside of the margin of error). Biden has been relegated to third place. Yet, NBC news chyron says "Biden and Sanders pulling ahead in new poll." At least they included Bernie's name in there -- but, as always, someone had to be co-credited, even when he's running away with it and who is named FIRST as climbing? Why, of course, the guy in third!01/27/20NBCPolls, FramingNIowaNew York Times, Siena Poll Jan 20-23
New York Times had a piece with headline: "Stop Comparing Bernie to Trump. It's Ridiculous." This is a reasonable and appropriate headline, yet it was changed to "Please Stop Calling Bernie Sanders a Populist." The framing completely changes to not call out the absurd Trump comparisons, and the new headline is not only soft, but silly. Bernie is a populist. Only a populist can beat Trump. Bernie is not Trump.1/23/20NYTFraming comparison
Every single candidate in this poll was verbally mentioned on air, EXCEPT Bernie Sanders. They start with Warren, who is below Bernie, and move down the list, then back up to the top. Bernie sits comfortably mid-pack in this poll of head-to-heads against Trump.01/23/19MSNBCPolls, BlackoutNTrump head-to-headCNN SSRS
Bernie not mentioned in CA pollBernie is #1 in California in recent polls, but when ABC News in Bay Area did a poll, he was not named at all. He was lumped into a category "other," while Biden, Warren, Klobuchar, and Buttigieg (many polling far lower than Bernie) are listed out by name. Worse still, when they noted who "other" (who is RUNNING AWAY with the poll at 33%) might stand for, they said Yang or Bloomberg, not even uttering Bernie's name.1/20/20ABC 7 News Bay AreaPolls, Blackout, ErasureNIowa lead upABC 7 Bay Area
Biden HeadlinesBiden makes false accusation of video tampering. None of the headlines of these articles reflect that fact.1/19/20NYTimes, CBS, NBCFraming, Omit FactsNBiden Accusation
Biden's making false claims that Bernie camp "doctored" a video where he supports cutting social security. The articles note that Biden's claims are false, no headlines state it. Politico had "false claim" in the subheading, then removed it from the subheading.01/18/20PoliticoFraming, OtherN
CNN Declares No Clear Leader with Bernie aheadCNN Iowa poll has Bernie in the LEAD by 3 points & only Warren is even remotely within the Margin of Error, so their graphic SCREAMS (look at the size of the font!) NO CLEAR LEADER and call it a 4-way tie.01/10/20CNNFraming, Minimize, PollsYCNN poll Jan 10
Bernie is leading in Iowa's Real Clear Politics polling average, but Vladimir Duthiers says there is a three-way tie between Biden, Buttigieg, and *Warren.*

UPDATE: An on-air correction was made the following day, rare with these instances. Nevertheless, this is a big story to get so wrong & based on what we collect here, it is far from isolated incident, which greatly reduces the 
likelihood it was a completely innocent mistake.
1/6/20CBSBlackout, Misappropriation, ErasureIowaReal Clear Politics Average
CNN's own new Iowa Poll is released with NEWS: Bernie is in FIRST place in Iowa. NYT called this "the first significant survey from Iowa in nearly two months." Yet story placement is 14 stories down -- after travel-advice article, international gossip and an opinion article, among others.1/10/20CNNPolls, Minimize, OtherNCNN poll, Iowa Jan. 10
The Hill Leaves off Front Runner, BernieFront runner is BernieBernie is in first place in both Iowa and New Hampshire, but this is The Hill's picture with their "anybody's  ballgame" tweet. While there is a video of Bernie in the first part of the article, the number of people who will click through are fractional compared to how many will see the tweet, which erases him from the pack altogether.1/6/20The HillBlackout, Erasure caucuses
LA Times doesn't cover 14,000 Venice rally14,000 people showed up for a Bernie rally at Venice Beach in Los Angeles area, with AOC as guest speaker. The LA Times did not cover, nor did the NY Times. The only thing in the LA Times about the rally was this letter to the editor noting the lack of coverage.12/23/19LA TimesErasureNVenice Beach rally
CNN Pete is fourthBernie is 2nd, Pete is 4th. CNN uses alphabetical order to display poll results to make Pete look more favorable. Poll results are numerical data, and are displayed as such--except when that doesn't create the desired impression, apparently(?)12/22/19CNNGraphic manipulationN
CNN uses 6 week old pollReal polling averageBernie is in 2nd and statistically tied for 1st in multiple new Iowa polls, including the current Real Clear Polling Average, so CNN uses SIX week old poll from early November all day long, to claim Bernie is in 4th in Iowa.12/23/19CNNPolls, Blackout, Framing, ErasureNDebate 6CNN, Ces Moines Register, Nov 8-13
Fox omits Bernie in 2ndBernie is in 2nd in this national poll*. headlines "Biden rebound continues, Warren falls to third" and highlights pictures of: Biden, Buttigieg, and Warren in this order. 
*Quinnipiac National Dec. 10
12/11/19Fox NewsPolls, Blackout, Erasure Dec. 10
In pre-Debate 3 lead up, Bernie--in 3rd (a statistical tie for 2nd)*--is completely omitted from KPBS video montage about the candidates. The video talks about Biden and Warren, then says "Only three other candidates polling at 5% or more" and list Harris, Buttigieg, O'Rourke. Adding "The remaining candidates all score 2% or less."
*CNN poll conducted by SSRS, Sept. 5-9
9/14/19KPBSBlackout, Polls, Erasure, Omit FactsNDebate 3CNN Sept. 5-9
Bernie in 2nd, CNN chyronBernie is in 2nd among California Latinos, within the Margin of Error, so in statistical tie with Biden for 1st. At least he made it to the graphic, but the chyron says: "Biden, Warren lead among California Latinos."12/12/19CNNPolls, Graphic manipulation, FramingNInside Politics, CNNCNN poll
PBS "State of the Race*" talks about all 2020 candidates, except Bernie Sanders, who is currently second or tied for first nationally, and first or second in many early state polls. PBS and the main reporter in the segment, Yamiche Alcindor, are moderating the next debate. *PBS "State of the Race" segment12/2/19PBSErasure, Blackout Primary Reporting
Yahoo News advising folks to share Bernie misinfoYahoo News advising folks to share Bernie misinfoYahoo News says Bernie hasn’t cleared 20% nationally since April, we he hit 27% nationally just this week--tied with Biden for 1st place. This misinformation is what they advise you to tell family regarding Bernie around the Thanksgiving dinner table.11/27/19Yahoo NewsPolls, Framing, Omit Facts, OtherNEmmerson, Nov 17-20
Bernie mentioned precisely ZERO times by CNN the week of November 19-25 -- you know, before and after Debate 5 and while he's also surging in the polls (Bernie gained 9 points in early states post debate!)11/25/19CNNBlackout, ErasureNDebate 5
Sanders 2nd, CNN shows 3rdCNN reporting on their own poll, again shows Sanders--who is in second--out of order (third on the graphic).11/27/19CNNPolls, Graphic manipulation, FramingNCNN Poll, by SSRS Nov 21-24
This Decision 2020 ad playing on MSNBC contains footage of Warren, Buttigieg, Biden, and Harris, in that order. Bernie--a top three candidate throughout the race, who is breaking fundraising records and is surging both nationally and in early states--is once again, erased.11/28/19MSNBCBlackout, ErasureYPrimary Election Coverage
NPR headline highlights 5 candidates as getting 50% or more of their donations from women. The referenced report* shows of all the candidates, Sen. Bernie Sanders has raised the most money from women . The framing of NPR gives misleading impression of Bernie's strong female support. This is misleading framing is narrative theme seen in other reporting regarding female support, as well.
Center for Responsive Politics Report, by Grace Haley, Nov. 6
11/26/19NPRPolls, Framing, Omit Facts, WomenSuburban women could decide 2020: Who are they giving to? A CENTER FOR RESPONSIVE POLITICS REPORT, Grace Haley, November 6, 2019
The Guardian publishes piece containing the outlandish claim that Warren has defined the terms of the ideological debate & shifted the party left. Bernie is the one who moved the party with his 2016 run and the entire field has had to move left to meet his platform. The article was an opinion piece, by Moira Donegan, but that does not mean complete falsehoods should be allowed unchecked. This is an explicit example reflective of a theme across the media, where much of Bernie's success is slowly being shifted and credited to Warren. Also, this piece manages to mention 5 of the candidates in the debate, while neglecting Sanders, still a front-runner. It's almost as if he doesn't exist.11/21/19The GuardianBlackout, Misappropriation, Framing, Erasure 5
Pre-debate coverage, just before Debate 5 to start -- A Dem Party Chairman literally (and comically) blocks sign, which notes Bernie won ALL 73 Michigan counties in 2016 (and Kent County by 25%). The person speaking states most people in MI are interested in Biden and Buttigieg and MSNBC deliberately failed to show plentiful Bernie supporters while panning the crowd support for other candidates. The woman with the sign commented, "If we WIN, they can't act like we don't exist."11/20/19MSNBCBlackout, Framing, Omit Facts 5
Where's Bernie? Bloomberg EntersBernie missing from CNN graphic, despite being a top tier candidate, while discussing the news that Bloomberg is considering entering race. Bernie is so much of a top tier candidate, in fact, that when the first national poll including Bloomberg was released, Bernie is in FIRST PLACE tied with Biden.11/9/19CNNGraphic manipulation, Blackout, Erasure, FramingN
Bernie in FIRST PLACE in Iowa, tied with Biden, in new CBS/You Gov poll, but CBS headlines Buttigieg and Biden in their article about the poll. The article barely mentions Bernie and does so mostly to suggest and emphasize that his progressive policies might be "too liberal." It frames many questions as simply a comparison between Warren and Biden, and mention Buttigieg in a consistently positive frame, calling him "rising," though he's mostly in fourth. It talks about voters being undecided, but neglects to mention that Bernie voters are more committed to their candidate by a wide margin.
*CBS/YouGov Iowa Poll Nov. 13-16
11/17/19CBSPolls, Blackout, Framing, Erasure Iowa Poll, Nov. 13-16

Bernie in FIRST PLACE (tied with Biden for first!) in new national Reuter's poll. Reuters headline? "3% support Bloomberg for Democratic nomination." See article
*National Reuters/Ipsos Poll, Nov. 12-14
11/15/19ReutersPolls, Blackout, Framing, Erasure, Omit Facts Poll, Nov. 12-14Reuters/Ipsos Poll, Nov. 12-14
In this unique 538 graph, tracking before and after Debate 1, Bernie Sanders is 2nd before AND after the debate and has the larger debate bump, but Warren is listed 2nd. You have to hover over the graph to see the real numbers, showing Sanders ahead.8/28/19538Polls, Graphic manipulation, FramingNDebate 1538 pre-post debate
This poll* is already poor due to methodology & does not seem to reflect what's happening on the ground. Even for what it is, Bernie is before Booker in these numbers, but was left off the chart in lieu of Booker, who faired worse.
*The Post and Courier/Change Research South Carolina Poll: June 11-14, 2019
6/17/19MSNBCPolls, Blackout, Graphic manipulation, Framing, Erasure Post and Courier/Change Research South Carolina Poll, June 11-14, 2019
The poll they are discussing is a cherry-picked Iowa poll with the lowest number for Sanders they can find, at 11%. They still couch Buttigieg, who is at 9% as, along with Warren, "having the most room for growth..." while using a misrepresentation of overall poll numbers and questioning whether Bernie should drop out.9/22/19CNNFraming, PollsY
After Debate 4, there is almost no mention of Bernie until this small segment on his health. They share only a clip where he thanks people for their support while he was ill. A video montage at beginning of this discussion has zero clips of Bernie, who had an extremely strong debate performance despite being ignored by moderators on several important topic areas. In fact, as seen in another database entry, his answer was so strong on health care that three different outlets quoted what he said, but attributed it to Elizabeth Warren instead of Bernie.10/16/19MSNBCBlackout, Other, Omit Facts, FramingYDebate 4
David Axelrod misrepresents Bernie's polling numbers and Bernie has to bring his own documentation to counter the inaccuracies.8/25/19CNNPolls, OtherY
MSNBC's Steve Kornacki is happily making a case for the importance of early state strength until, when coming across a screen with Sanders in first in Nevada*, stumbles over himself to quit the analysis and throw back to the hosts. 
*Franklin Pierce University-Boston Herald survey
9/15/19MSNBCPolls, Blackout, Minimize, Framing state polls, New HampshireFranklin Pierce University-Boston Herald survey
Sanders low ceiling mythThis article is just an example of the "Sanders is stalled, has no room to grow" trope, based on no evidence. The article itself is all over the place--claiming Sander's steadiness in polls is bad, Biden's steadiness good; Warren's gain, though still significantly behind Sanders, is good for her. It gives Biden credit for increasing 3 points in early primary states then adds a paranthetical that Sanders also increased by the same amount in those states. Since this reporting, Sanders has demonstrated an equal rise to the one Warren is credited with here, but received no credit nor reportage of that. Also, worth noting that Sanders went on Joe Rogan's podcast in August & within one week received hundreds of thousands of comments saying when hearing Sanders speak for himself, rather than the media's negative reporting of him, people all across the spectrum find themselves surprised in really liking him. This suggests it's not about a ceiling, but rather about breaking out from the media spin.6/25/19WaPoPolls, Minimize, Framing
The media has mostly ignored Sanders front runner status in New Hampshire. They finally acknowledge it here, but call him a "very weak frontrunner." In the same week, pundits called Buttigieg's fourth place in this poll a "strong fourth." They go on to compare Bernie's current % in polls to previous Dem races with far fewer candidates, as well as Rep races in past primaries. Note they even use Sander's OWN win in New Hampshire in 2016 as a demonstration of how weak he is in the state now. They base that on 2016 polling projections when there was a field of 3 Democrats, compared to the 20 candidates running in the Democratic primary today. 
*CNN/University of New Hampshire poll Oct. 21-27
11/1/19CNNPolls, Minimize, Framing New Hampshire pollCNN/University of New Hampshire, Oct. 21-27
MSNBC "pundit" says Bernie supporters are *sexist* for not supporting Senator Warren in his stead, and hosts of the show not only do not pushback, they express complete agreement. This pundit, Emily Tisch Sussman, is the daughter of hedge fund billionaire Donald Sussman and is formerly with Center for American Progress (CAP). Bernie has said billionaires should not exist and has criticized CAP for its ties to big banks and big corporations. 9/27/19MSNBCFraming, Other
article which does not mention Sanders once. In 23 paragraphs, they mention Harris, Booker, Warren, Biden, Buttigieg, O’Rourke, but not top tier candidate Bernie Sanders.7/26/19NYTBlackout, Erasure, Omit Facts®ion=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=collectionYNAACP forum
Bernie is in 2nd in the poll referred to here. The reporter states it is Warren, followed by Buttigieg and Sanders, using hand motions to show it is in that order. This is repeated by same reporter in another segment later in day.11/03/19CNNPolls, Framing, MisappropriationN
National Journal writer tweets about Biden & Warren results in Fox News poll*, skipping over Bernie, who's in 2nd in terms of head-to-head matchups with Trump.
*Fox News poll end Oct
11/1/19Tweet, FoxPolls, Blackout, Framing, Omit FactsNFox News late Oct
Bernie released his groundbreaking immigration plan on Nov. 7, and his powerful "I know where I came from" became a much-shared (aka: trending) hashtag. Twitter grouped it as "trending with Elizabeth Warren."11/7/19TwitterBlackout, Misappropriation, ErasureImmigration plan release
Bernie's rally sizes ignoredBernie had a rally with a record-breaking crowd of 26,000, the largest crowd size of any candidate this entire election, he's had large crowds throughout the race, ranging from 10,000-16,000. Business Insider says Warren and Trump have "the biggest rallies in the 2020 election." See the article11/7/19Business InsiderBlackout, Framing, Erasure
Crowd size was not something talked about with Bernie, throughout 2016 race and again in 2019, but much has been made of Warren crowds when she began to come close to him. Here, Chris Matthews says she gets "the biggest crowds," while he hadn't mentioned crowds of 16,000 and 15,000 Bernie had in SF and LA, 13,000 in Brooklyn, 12,500 in Chicago all in March; nor has he sinced mentioned Bernie's crowd of 10,000 in Colorado in Sept. or his RECORD BREAKING crowd of 26,000 in Queens in October.8/25/19MSNBCBlackout, Framing, ErasureY
Sanders is in first place by far in candidates based on positive feelings among Dem primary voters*. NBC shows Biden first. Kindest interpretation is this is in alphabetical order, yet polls are numerical, so this is simply another deception.
*NBC/WSJ poll Aug 10-14
8/28/19NBCPolls, Graphic manipulation, FramingNNBC/WSJ Aug 10-14
Bernie raises $25.3m in Q3, mare than any other candidates and breaks record for most individual donors for any candidate in HISTORY at this point in campaign. CNN chyron says Warren outpaces Biden in fundraising.10/5/19CNNPolls, FramingQ3 Fundraising
Politico Bernie is rich and cheapPolitico writes an article calling Bernie cheap, but rich, which plays into some typical anti-Semitic tropes. After complaints, they replaced it with an article that puts Bernie in front of a money tree (and a mansion).05/25/19PoliticoAnti-Semitism, Other Millionaire
Bernie is 2nd in this poll, but Warren is listed before him. The highlighted poll data is black voters over 50, which is going to skew in favor of Biden over Bernie, as Bernie's doing best with under 50 in all demographics. But, that's not enough, he still has to be placed lower on the graphic than these numbers indicate.9/11/19CNNPolls, Graphic manipulation, FramingY
ABC only covered Bernie for 7 minutes in all of 2019, according to David Rutz, in his Free Beacon article.9/25/19ABCBlackoutY
Washington Post ran 16 negative stories in 16 hours during the 2016 election.9/16/16WaPoErasure, OtherConfirm Date
CNN manipulates color on this footage from outside Bernie's house after his hospitalization. Fox got the color correct. This makes Bernie look more ill than properly white-balanced footage. Getting the color adjustment right is camera work 101.10/6/19CNNSmear--Appearance, Graphic manipulation, OtherNHeart attack, Confirm date
With Bernie in 2nd in CNN's Iowa poll, CNN stopped talking about its own newly released poll & put up this graphic, showing Bernie in 4th place. The graphic makes it seem like they are still talking about the latest poll.  Digging finds these numbers match their "internal polling average." No explanation as to what polls were included and what dates covered, clearly a diversion from Bernie's solid position in the latest early state polls.11/2/19CNNPolls, Framing, Graphic manipulation, Omit FactsYCNN internal average
Bernie was polling in second, and first in some early states, but is not shown as one of the highlighted options in this Democratic Governer's Association poll. Kamala, polling much lower, is shown.07/15/19DGAErasure, Blackout, FramingNConfirm date
Bernie had record breaking Q3 fundraising haul of $25.3m, but New York Times frames it as Warren against Biden.10/04/19NYTBlackout, Framing
GE Matchups Against TrumpBernie is omitted altogether from NBC/WSJ poll* question regarding head-to-head match up against Trump. MSNBC reporting here on Warren and Biden, who were included in the polling.
*NBC/WSJ Late October poll
11/1/19MSNBCPolls, Erasure, Blackout
Bernie is second in Iowa poll, NYT push notification mentions first, third and fourth place candidates, omitting Bernie.11/1/19NTYFraming, Erasure, Blackout, Omit FactsN
Not the most egregious example, but still notable that when Sanders is leading, CNN headline still doesn't state that, and rather makes it about Bernie and Warren. Unlikely they would do same if for Bernie if he were in second. See the article.10/29/19CNNPolls, Blackout, Framing
Bernie is in first on the New Hampshire poll to the right, CNN gave Warren his spot & inverted their numbers (Bernie 22%, Warren 19%). The reporter says "Warren leads in both" early states of Iowa and New Hampshire. ALSO, they have begun to bump Mayor Pete, so Biden and Buttigieg are similarly inverted (Biden 15%, Buttigieg 10%), giving the impression that Pete is in 3rd in New Hampshire, when he's actually in 4th.11/2/19CNNPolls, Graphic manipulation, Misappropriation, Framing
Bernie leads in New Hampshire, CNN inverts the numbers and puts Warren in the lead instead (Sanders 21% and Warren 18%).11/2/19CNNPolls, Graphic manipulation, Misappropriation, Framing
Bernie in second in Iowa poll. New York Times headlines Warren and Buttigieg, with their reporter tweeting falsely that Buttigieg and Warren have *eclipsed* Sanders, when Buttigieg is below Bernie in the poll.11/5/19NYTPolls, Blackout, Framing, Omit FactsN
New York Times (.com) mentions Warren 11 times and Bernie zero times directly following Debate 4.10/17/19NYT.comBlackout, Erasure
Bernie is leading in the CNN New Hampshire poll*, CNN includes "No Clear Leader" in every mention of this poll, which they do not do when Bernie in second with close margin. 
*CNN poll conducted by UNH
11/1/19CNNPolls, Framing
Bernie beats Trump in Iowa head-to-head matchup*. The Hill headlines Trump beats Warren and Biden, but doesn't mention Bernie. The article buries the lead and doesn't mention Bernie until the third paragraph, and still avoids "winning" language for Bernie, using a more muted: "The reverse was the case for Sen. Bernie Sanders." 
*Emerson College Survey
11/1/19The HillPolls, Blackout, ErasureY
Josh Fox points out that MSNBC stopped inviting him onto the network after he endorsed Bernie--there's not only a Bernie blackout, there's a Bernie blacklist.10/22/19TwitterBlackout, Erasure, Other
Bernie, a top-tier candidate, was given almost half the talking time* during Debate 4 of Warren, and less than many much lower polling candidates. The moderators completely omitted him from the topics of gun control, Supreme Court, and the opioid crisis. He was asked only one foreign policy question, compared to two asked of Biden. He answered on the opioid crisis, in spite of the  moderators, by pivoting to the topic during the a question about his health. 
*This was talking time about 2/3 through the debate
10/16/19CNN, New York TimesBlackout, ErasureDebate 4
Bernie beats Trump by 7, Warren only beats Trump by 5, but Warren is listed out of order above Bernie.7/10/19NBCPolls, Graphic manipulation, Framing
Bernie is in second in this Iowa poll, CNN chyron reads: Biden & Buttigieg Within Striking Distance of Warren.11/5/19CNNPolls, Blackout, Framing, Omit FactsN
Washington Post "Bernie's Fiction Filled Campaign" published in light of Bernie polling well in Iowa and New Hampshire in 2016. The article talks about how his complaints against Wall Street, etc. are fanciful and unwarranted.1/27/16WaPoFramingN
Sanders in second in Iowa poll*, four candidates listed as "Top Tier," while when Bernie on top of New Hampshire poll, the label said "No Clear Winner."  Also, in chyron they are pushing Pete as the next Obama.
*NYT/Siena College poll
11/5/19CNNPolls, FramingN
Bernie beats Trump in the three states that helped decide 2016, New York Times does not mention him in headline.11/5/19NYTPolls, Blackout, Framing, Erasure, Omit Facts
Bernie omitted from candidates in Iowa for the big Iowa steak fry event, both in the graphic and the entire segment. Bernie was, of course, at the event,9/21/19MSNBCBlackout, ErasureYIowa campaigning, Confirm date
Bernie raised $25.3 million in Q3, more than any candidate in any quarter. MSNBC shaved $1m off his total. They also show Q2 figures and makes it look like Buttigieg outraised him in previous quarter.10/6/19MSNBCGraphic manipulationY
Sanders was +5 in May Quinnipiac poll, MSNBC shows -5 (went from 11%-->16%)5/20/19MSNBCPolls, Graphic manipulation
Sanders raises $18.2 million in Quarter 1, MSNBC reports $11.8 million.4/2/19MSNBCGraphic manipulation Fundraising
CNN manipulates graphic to make Bernie look unwell in week after heart attack.10/9/19CNNSmear--Appearance, Graphic manipulation
Fox reported fairer than MSNBC
Bernie beats Trump by more than Warren in Fox News Wisconsin poll, but only Warren and Biden shown on CNN graphics.10/7/19CNNErasure, Blackout, PollsY
Bernie is frontrunner before Biden enters race, but NBC leaves him off graphic of presidential candidates. Beto is highlighted.3/20/19NBCBlackout, Graphic manipulation, ErasureYconfirm date
Suffolk PollBernie is +1 from same poll in August, but MSNBC leaves that out to make it seem like he had no movement.10/29/19MSNBCPolls, Framing, Omit Facts
This t-shirt of Bernie, with anti-Semitic tone, is the ONLY Bernie merchandise sold at the Democratic National Convention in 2016.07/28/16DNCOtherDNC Gift Shop
Sanders in first, CNN frames "no clear leader." This is not done when others are in the lead.10/29/19CNNPolls, Framing
The poll misreporting from this weekend is highlighted by his team in their newsletter, "The Bern Report." Multiple polls released this week with Bernie in top positions and/or with significant gains from previous versions of those polls.11/4/19MultiplePolls, Blackout
Bernie is in 2nd place in this poll, but Politico headline mentions first, third and fourth, leaving Bernie out.05/01/19PoliticoOmit Facts, PollsY
Kamala shown as breakout leader in minority donations (based on giving from minority zips), but this only counts donors over $200. Most of Bernie's donations are under that dollar amount and thus this is misleading characterization of the racial makeup of Bernie donors in comparison to other candidates.04/30/19NBCGraphic manipulation, Omit Facts
Bernie leads in contributions by women at this point in time, but candidates contribution by gender on Maddow show leaves out critical information that this is only for donations larger than $200. Most of Bernie's donations fall under that, with an average donation around $19 or so at the time, so is completely misleading.04/30/19MSNBCOmit Facts, Graphic manipulation
Biden gets bonus percentage points from MSNBC. Bernie is in first with 27%, Biden is in second with 25%, yet in the graphic, he's shown with 28% in first place.4/29/19MSNBCPolls, Graphic manipulation
Bernie is second in the referenced poll at 49%, but MSNBC places him in 4th on the graphic.7/7/19MSNBCGraphic manipulation
Iowa poll, Sanders in 2ndPoll has Sanders second in Iowa and within the Margin of Error, CNN mentions Warren & Buttigieg, skipping over Sanders (NYT/Sienna College poll)11/1/19CNNPolls, Blackout, Framing
Bernie in first place in New Hampshire, CNN has 5 headlines without mentioning that. Headlines include: Early State Voters More Undecided, Historically Unprecedented New Hampshire Mess, Disappointing Poll for Biden, & Buttigieg in Fourth, but it's a Strong Fourth.10/29/19CNNPollsY
Bernie 2nd, shown 3rdBernie 2nd in Quinnipiac poll in head-to-head against Trump, CNN shows 3rd on their graphic8/28/19CNNPolls, Graphic manipulation
View disparages Sander's appearance 3rd debateThe View's Abby Huntsman disparages Sanders' appearance in 3rd debate.09/14/19ViewSmear--Appearance
Bernie's words in Warren's mouthThree news outlets report Bernie's best debate moment as Warren's. 10/28/19CNNMisappropriationY