This Week’s Newspaper Fails

Bernie had an EXCELLENT week–swinging through Nevada and Southern CA, giving some topical town halls, going on Joe Rogan Podcast, which has over 8.1 million views in less than one week and thousands upon thousands of positive comments, clearly indicating he’d changed minds among potential voters–Dems, Independents and Republicans alike.

In Iowa, volunteers knocked on every Democratic door in town, had a private volunteer event & Bernie received a standing ovation at Wing Ding, as well as had the largest crowd at the Soapbox at the State Fair. Oh, yes, and then there is the individual donor map from the NYT, which shows him crushing all the other candidates in individual donations across the United States. Oh yeah, and Monday #MyBernieStory was trending as #1 on Twitter.

Despite all of that, once again you would not know Bernie is even in the running if you looked at the Washington Post:

Sydney Ember, the New York Times writer assigned to cover Sanders (who’s been called out for her biased reporting), used an easily disprovable smear in lieu of blackout tactics.

Professor Zogby responded:

This coverage is just silly. Here he is in Iowa speaking to no one.

Countless reporters took to Twitter in recent days to smear Sanders, as well. In a week where there were two mass shootings, CNN Senior Analyst, Jeff Zeleny, compared Bernie to the racist xenophobe Donald Trump, simply for noticing the Washington Post (owned by Bezos) shows an unmistakable bias.

This benign little jab, which is correct in pointing out the tone of the Bernie coverage in the Washington Post, set off a media flurry of “How Dare He!” which itself was so full of bias, it ultimately served only to strengthen Bernie’s point.