Poll where Bernie is 2nd Place, Politico Headlines Leave Him Unmentioned

There’s been a consistent effort to misrepresent polls or simply to omit information in order to mislead regarding Bernie’s standing in this race. One recent example is this tweet by Politico, which has a headline that mentions three candidates, but not the candidate showing in 2nd place.

This refers to a Washington Post-ABC News poll, which results show Biden in first place at 29% and Bernie in second, with 23%. In this poll, Bernie has more support than Warren and Harris combined.

Oooppps!! Just completely left out the guy in second! Our bad!

Days later, Politico did the exact same thing with different poll results, again simply leaving out the number two candidate.

Yet again, though Sanders is in second place, the headlines talk about everyone but him.

From headlines that leave out Bernie, to graphs that misrepresent poll numbers, the examples of this type of distortion of Bernie’s standing are endless.

Here’s MSNBC misrepresenting Biden’s poll numbers to make it look like he’s ahead of Bernie with non-white voters, when he is not. They just randomly added +3% to the Biden results for their graphic.

In yet another MSNBC “mishap”(?). Bernie is in second place, but shown on the graph in fourth, below Harris and Warren, who are both lower than him.

Here’s a chart posted on 538, directly after the first round of debates, where Bernie was second in both the before and after, plus had higher debate bump than Warren, yet she is shown before him on the chart:

Another slight of hand in terms of giving false impressions about Bernie’s standing are reporting donations by race or gender, while failing to note (or noting in a footnote) the numbers are based on Open Secrets figures, which only show donors of $200 or more. As Bernie relies largely on small dollar donations, under $200, this results in numbers that invariably create a false impression.

Here is from a segment on Rachel Maddow, where it appears Harris and Gillibrand are far and away the leaders in donations by women.

In fact, more women have donated to Bernie Sanders’ campaign than any other campaign. Arianna Jones responds:

NBC pulled the same with their article “Kamala Harris Blows Past Democratic Rivals in Fundraising in Communities of Color,” showing this dramatic graphic.

Yet again, these figures (as discovered in the footnote) are only for donors of $200 or more. If you look at the dollar amount of donations in these majority minority zip codes as a percentage of the dollar amount of ITEMIZED donations (those over $200), turns out Bernie is in the lead with 14% and Kamala is a close second at 13%. Not exactly the impression you’d get from the article and chart.

The examples are endless. So voluminous that it’s almost impossible to keep up with. We will work on doing a weekly roundup here of the worst offenders in the blackout, the misleading, and the bias.